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Just seeing who has applied to the CU Nursing traditional program for a summer 2013 start. Has anyone been asked for an interview yet? I haven't heard anything yet. Thanks! Shannon... Read More

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    You too PaytonJane! Best of luck!
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    I am so excited. Fingers crossed....
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    Did you respond to the email yet? I'm so nervous!!
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    I did! I sure hope I am accepted into the program. I'm really dying of curiosity about this interview. Do they give any tests?! Or is it six hours of talking? Observered group activities? So many possibilities....
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    Great to see that there are others who have heard. Did everyone that applied get an interview or have they narrowed it down? I know that they sent me an email previously that said the interview dates were Nov 7 & 8th. My date is the 7th... Congrats everyone who has received their interview invitation!
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    I got an email about the interview today too. Problem is, i live in Boston! Does anyone know if they offer phone interviews instead??
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    Got my email this morning... excited to be moving to the next step.

    To answer everyone's questions to the best of my abilities:

    You really must attend the interview in person... they made a big deal about giving a few Skype interviews last time, but I heard that none of those were accepted. The application guidelines also said that the interview was mandatory. For the Spring 2013 start date that I first applied (accelerated only), it is my understanding that there were around 450 applicants, about 100 of us at the interview, and we were told that 35-45 would be accepted from that group. Not sure how many were actually accepted. The interview is NOT six hours... it is more like an info day with a 30-to-45-minute interview. We came in, signed in and picked up some info packets, and were corralled to the interviews in groups with a current student leading us. The interview was around 9 a.m., and included 4 prospective students, 1 current student, and 1 faculty member. The faculty member or current student would propose a question and the prospective students would go around in a circle, taking turns answering. The topics were all your standard school/job interview type questions. The rest of the day included a mock lecture, talks about financial aid, etc.

    Hope this helps! Feel free to throw out any more questions, I will try to answer.
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    Hi everyone I also got an interview notice yesterday for UCD traditional bsn program. I'm kind of nervous for the interview. It would be helpful if anyone could give me an example of the type of questions they usually ask during the interview day.

    Congrats to everyone !!!
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    Does anyone know if the prospective student portal (which shows your application status) become updated if you receive an interview e-mail or does it keep saying that your application is being reviewed?
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    On my portal admission page it just says my application "is still being reviewed by the department and a decision will soon be made". I received an email yesterday for the interview and at midnight yesterday I logged in to my ucd portal and that's what it said.

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