anyone in northern colorado hire new grads? - page 2

I'll be graduating nursing school in a year (BSN program on the east coast), and I'll be looking to move to northern colorado. That's where my girlfriend is, and more or less where I'm from. I'm an ED tech in a level II trauma... Read More

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    Thanks everybody !!! I am feeling hopeful about moving

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    Quote from ramonmalino
    North Colorado Medical Center. They're in Greeley. They hire new grads, all units, even ER. Any of the hospitals in the Banner Health Network. Poudre Valley may have some jobs too. PM me if you need more info.
    I know this is a late (haha) reply....but are you sure NCMC hires new grads? Every position open says "NO" to new grads! If there is a secret to it, please, let me know! Thanks!
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    No I think they only hire experienced nurses. I've had several offers from them with only 1.5 years in my specialty though!

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