Anyone looking for a job?

  1. If you have at least 6 months of nursing experience (preferably in home health or hospice, but not an absolute requirement if you're a fast learner), I have a lead on an RN/Case Manager position for a home hospice agency in the Denver area. I have NO financial interest and do not stand to benefit from this, just thought I'd try to help someone out.

    Feel free to PM me.
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  3. by   megRN25
    Dear Klone,
    I am not able to PM yet since I am new to the site and do not yet have my 15 posts. I am really interested in following up on your lead. I have been working in home care since february of 2010 and have 6 months med-surg/oncology inpatient experience full time and 4 months casual. Feel free to send me a private message if the position might still be available. Thanks!