Anyone going to PPCC?

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    Just wanted to see if there was anyone attending PPCC now or in the future? I've been going for a few years now and will be in the January 2008 class.

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    Well me.... hopefully!

    I am going to see about enrolling on Monday when I get back from vacation ( we are in Estes Park for the week) I have been kicking this idea around for so long that I am just going to do it I have to take all the pre reqs though.
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    I'm going to PPCC, hello! I started the program in Fall 07, so I start my second semester tomorrow.
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    Thanks for your helpful replys. Wish me luck getting into the program next Spring (if they offer Spring) or Fall.
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    Do you think you could give us a quick rundown of the first semsester? I would love to know what that was like and maybe what you are learning now? If you have time of course! Just wondering what this particular school was like to be in the program.

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    Here is a rundown on my first semester.

    Pharmacology and Nursing Fundamentals. For me, Pharmacology was by far the easier class. You're learning about different classes of drugs, how they work, side effects, etc. I could use the same study skills that got me through my other science classes, and I found the material interesting.

    Nursing Fundamentals was completely different. I'm sure you've heard of critical thinking from reading this board, and that's how the tests for this class were formulated. In lecture, some of the material was very touchy feely, and although I can be compassionate and empathetic, it was a bit over the top for me. Once we got through that stuff, we started learning a lot of practical information. In lab we started out with hand washing, and moved onto bed making, positioning and transferring patients, bed baths, etc. We also had skills like inserting an NG tube, Foley catheters, trach care and suctioning, injections, and IV therapy. We as students were not allowed to do anything invasive on each other, so don't worry about that.

    Clinical ran the last 8 weeks of the semester and were scary and exciting. There was a lot of hostility from the staff towards the students. It was shocking to me, and I'm still being told by my more experienced classmates to just expect that from the healthcare field and to toughen up. Working with the patients was the best learning experience. We wrote a lot of care plans and concept maps, which I enjoy doing.

    This is my first week of second semester, which is divided into half Med/Surg and half OB/Peds. I'm trying to stay positive for this post, but I'm aggravated because of a lack of information given to us about clinicals.

    I'd have to say that my education has been great so far, but the program isn't very organized about getting info to students in a timely manner. I feel sorry for my classmates who are working or need to plan childcare around clinicals. There seems to be the attitude that we should just be grateful for whatever information we get. But I'm sticking with it. The program has a good reputation overall and has a higher NCLEX pass rate than UCCS.

    I hope I haven't scared you off! I've been a bit vague here in an attempt to remain anonymous, but feel free to PM me if you'd like.
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    I forgot to mention that they did start a new RN program this Spring, so that's good news!
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    So, they're running two a year? One fall, one spring? That's encouraging. Now that my mind's made up I want to get going and am not overly enthused by the wait. But I have to get my prereqs and saw another poster talk about how they got some of the program classes out of the way while they were waiting (those that didn't require admission to the program). Are your clinicals on weekends or weekdays?

    Just went back and reread and saw that was you, bekindtokittens, giving the good advice on the previous thread. Thanks!
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    Yep, they are starting two programs a year now, which seems like it should cut that wait time in half! My clinicals so far have been weekdays. But some classmates who missed a clinical day had to make it up on a weekend day.

    Taking those three classes I mentioned in my other post lightened my load during the program, and I really needed that. A Humanities-type course is also required and built into the last semester, but if you don't already have one, you might as well get it done early. Another thing to do with any down time is to start taking any pre-reqs you need if you want to go on for your BSN. I took Math 106 and was going to take some other classes like Chemistry, but then I got into the program.

    I'm so glad to help. I remember all the stress I went through dealing with the wait list, ever-changing pre-req requirements, and unanswered questions about how the actual program works.
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    I have to say that you have given me the most complete information that I have so far. By this I mean the inside stuff on the waitlist, and what the program is REALLY like. Thank you so much. It is great that you are taking the time to get this info to us.
    Check in with new info from time to time if you have the time we would love to hear about nursing school through you.

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