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So i just checked my status online for Regis University and found out I am an accepted alternate. I am pretty bummed as I do not know what the chances are of enough individuals dropping out of the program for me to enter in. I... Read More

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    I was an alternate for the August 2010 CHOICE program at Regis and never made it. My cum GPA was less than stellar, but I re-took all my sciences and got A's and had really strong references when I applied. They had 20 alternates for a 24 person cohort and I thought my chances were slim.

    I felt good about reapplying and submitted my application for the CHOICE program at P/SL (if no one is familiar with that, they should inquire) and got accepted!! In the meantime I had applied for the May 2011 ABSN program and also got invited to interview. I'm not doing either because we are now moving out of state (so maybe that will increase your odds ). I think reapplying is worth it if you have done something to strengthen yourself as an applicant. Good luck with the interview!

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    I heard quite a few traditional alternates get in, some at literally the last moment.
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    I wonder how many alternates took the health care ethics and are still eligible to start in January if called?

    I'm still hoping against hope to be called. Time is definitely running out though!!
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    My friend got in and turned down his spot... so there are chances!
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    I also have a friend who was accepted to Regis but is waiting to hear from UCD for the summer. If that works, Regis will have another opening.

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