Any Aims Community College hopefuls?

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    I am applying to Aims CC for the fall 2012 start. Is anyone else here trying for that start date with Aims? Has anyone gone to Aims and have any information they can offer? Or if they know what the average cutoff is for points considered for admission...
    They admit on a 0-30 point scale, in 5 point increments for different qualifications. They take those with the highest points on down until seats are full!
    Anyway, it would be nice to chat with people trying for this program too!
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    Hi there! I am also applying for the Aims nursing program for this fall. My formal application date is March 30th! The new point scale scares me!!
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    Awesome! Yea, I have no idea what to expect, like What is considered enough points...or what the cutoff is! I have 25 points out of the 30 available...I'm feeling pretty good about this, but still so nervous!
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    Hey there DaniDoll! My application appt. was today...It well really well and I am so hopeful to receive an acceptance letter in may!!! I hope your appointment goes well and that you also find yourself accepted!! Let me know how it goes!
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    Hi! I also applied on the 30th at noon. I have been seeing Janet. I hope we get in!! We still need to get our transcripts in by (was it May 15th?) Lordy lordy. I hope I come out of pathophys with a high grade!!
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    I saw Janet too! She is so sweet
    I already finished patho phys during my fall semester, so I am really twiddling my thumbs here waiting to find out!
    How many points did you end up with? Did Janet tell you what she thought about your chances? I wonder what the point cutoff will be!
    I know Janet said they lost a lot of hopefuls with the TEAS...that scores were not high enough! How stressful :/
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    Hi there! I DID get in! (Just found out yesterday!) I got your private messages, but it wouldn't let me respond due to the fact that I haven't actively posted in 15 threads.

    Are you on Facebook? We should become better acquainted with each other over the summer so we have a pal going in there on the first day. I have extreme anxiety about certain things, and this is one of them! Feel free to add me on Facebook at I look forward to hearing about whether or not you got in!!

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    Thats awesome! I looked you up and sent a friend request
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    Yay!! I'll add you!
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    I posted on your wall about some ways we can get our books cheaper. I am just so happy I've found someone else who was accepted, LOL!

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