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  1. by   mtsteelhorse
    Can a graduate or current student shed some light on the degree of difficulty of the RN-BSN or RN-MSN programs? Are there tons of papers to write and lots of busy work? Just trying to get a feel for the complexity of assignments, etc. I don't mind studying I just don't want a program loaded with busy work. Thanks in advance.
  2. by   candilion
    With all the prior being said, what graduate programs WILL accept ASU degree holders?
  3. by   axr64086
    Quote from LadieRn
    Thank you for the information. I had never heard of this school either. I noticed that in many of
    the online msn programs there is a practicum and capstone requirement. American Sentinel does not
    have a practicum but a capstone is part of the curriculum. I am still researching other schools and I
    haven't decided as of yet which one I will be attending.
    I was wondering if you ever decided to enroll in American Sentinel. I too, am trying to attain my degree in Nursing Informatics. Choosing an online program is proving difficult.
  4. by   solnce
    Quote from ironfan
    I have been looking into the RN-BSN program as well. I have checked with a few FNP programs, and due to its lack of regional accredidation would not be acceptable at a few that I have spoken to. Although some grad schools would accept it based solely on the CCNE accredidation. I have to say this may limit my options when it come time to apply to gradute school, and this really has me rethinking if ASU is the right place for me. I would really like to hear from an RN-BSN grads about their expierences with graduate schools. Any comments?
    Dear Ironfan! What grad school with NP programs would accept ASU which is non regionally accredited but CCNE accredited? I spoke with some, and none of them accept non regionally accredited schools.
  5. by   solnce
    I am a current student in ASU. It is a very good school, and I truly enjoy my studying. It is not easy, a lot of academic writings, researches and reading. I like it!
  6. by   cultuslakenurse
    I am also a student at ASU, I am taking my first course. I am in the RN to MSN program. I have credit for 3 courses and have to take 3 more before I start the MSN part. You just have to be focussed to online learning as there are lots of papers to write and contributions to discussion groups. I am enjoying it.
  7. by   toasterdog
    Hi I read everyones post. I will attending in fall. CAn someone email me at I would really LOVE to chat with someone about this program!!!!! Thanks
  8. by   nursjoy
    Has anyone been through American Sentinel's online DNP program?
  9. by   lynswim
    Nursjoy -
    I haven't been through their online DNP, but I have heard good stories about their faculty - and this is the only school that I've found that offers the DNP in nursing ed.
  10. by   nursjoy
    Quote from lynswim
    I haven't been through their online DNP, but I have heard good stories about their faculty...
    Thanks Lynswim!

    I heard positive reviews about their RN-to-BSN and MSN programs.

    I have not heard anything about their DNP program.

    I'm hoping any current or new DNP graduates could shed light on this program.

    Will you be applying soon?
  11. by   lcprnc
    Any recent students taking the DNP Education track? I'm looking into applying and would value your opinions please.
  12. by   pinkpinstripes
    Hi Cultuslakenurse! Did you finish the RN-MSN program at American Sentinel? I am tryng to decide if I want to attend there. How was it? They say they are computer friendly, did you find that also? I am so nervous about all of it, I have been a nurse x 29 years and don't even know if I can pass a course again. I hear it is all writing papers. Is there a capstone? So many questions, sorry and thank you!
  13. by   cultuslakenurse
    Yes, I did finish my MSN in Case Management from American Sentinel. I enjoyed the programme and was able to keep up with all the papers. You have to prioritize your week as 8 weeks go by quickly. Some courses have a bigger paper at the end and some a project. The programme changed alot when I was nearing the end-yes there is a capstone-it was interesting to do.
    The only issue I had was that when I took the MSN - American Sentinel was not accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and therefore was not transferrable as an MSN degree where I live. I have the education but cannot use MSN after my name. This was disappointing to me. (not to be confused with the Council for Higher Learning Education-that was my mistake). Good luck to you. J.