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Hello Everyone, Well I am currently completing my pre-reqs doe ACC's Nursing Program, and I was going to be able to get on the waitlist after this semester (fall 06). Well... as luck would have it (not really luck...), ACC is... Read More

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    I've been on the waitlist with FRCC since June 2004 and I believe they started sending out info about current waitlist students needing to get on the CCC list by January of '05. So I've been on the list with CCC for almost 2 years. I was contacted via CCC by my second choice school during summer semester of '05 to say my number was next in line, the schedule they had for that Fall semester didn't work for me so they said I could deffer to Fall '06 (rural community college, only admits once a year). Since then I've been accepted to UCHSC and have removed myself from the list.

    I picked two schools that were closest/most convient to me and one school that I knew wouldn't have as long of a wait as the rest and hoped for the the mean time I spent so long on the wait list with FRCC that I finished all my BSN pre-reqs and that route worked better in my case.

    I had to my two years on the CCC list I didn't *ever* get a waitlist number for any of my choices. Every time I sent an email or made a phone call to get more info I was told "we're working on getting that info updated within the next week or two".

    ~my reality check bounced~
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    It's ridiculous how poorly-run the whole wait list thing seems. I've gone ahead and applied for UCHSC and will probably also apply at DSON since I already have a B.S. I just wanted to try to go the ADN route first due to the cost of the BSN programs, but in the extra years I would be sitting around on my booty, waiting to get into an ADN program, I could be through a BSN program, start working, and be making some money to pay off any loans...not to mention the fact that I plan to work in a hospital for a while and get some loan forgiveness.

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    FRCC Larimer campus has a separate waitlist for those who have a degree. There is only about 120 on this list and the wait is about a year to year and a half. They start three times a year with the summer session being a bit accelerated (no breaks). The only pre-req. you need to get on the list is statistics. Then once you are on, you can finish the rest of your pre-reqs while you are waiting. You don't have to worry about the Community College waitlist what so ever but the only drawback for me would be the drive from Denver but I like the price.
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    I wish I could enroll there, but it's impossible with my kids' schedules, and a husband that's gone about 75 hours a week. I'll have to personally stick with paying out the nose for a BSN program LOL!
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    Can you change to another ADN program in the metro area?
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    There's no option but this wait list -- all the CCs in the metro area are under the same wait list with the CCCS (Colorado Community College System) program. You can select I believe three programs on which to be on the list, so there's no other ADN route unless one applies for the ADN program with's the only Denver-metro-area program (that I'm aware of) that isn't associated with the CCCS list. If I understand it correctly, if a spot is available at, say, ACC, they take the next person on the list and offer them the spot if ACC is listed as any of that person's choices.

    Someone please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that :Santa1:

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