What is your personal health insurance coverage like?

  1. 1 Our union is currently negotiating a new contract. Can/would anyone plz give me an idea what your own insurance coverage is as a nurse? Our hospital is trying to increase our out of pocket max from $1500.oo/yr to $3000.00 per year. And our deductable from $350.00 to $1200.00. This is per individual not family! I'm new to this website and communicating/blogging in a forum; I apologize for any 'newbie' errors.
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    That would be a terrible plan and your hospital should be ashamed. I'm per diem, so I'm not covered in our hospital's plan, but we have a $250 annual deductible per individual, $500 per family - not sure about the out of pocket max, don't have it handy here. We have two plans at my hospital - one is the "classic" plan, which gives a wide choice of who you see and pays pretty well on drugs. There is a premium for it, on a sliding scale depending on how many hours you work. Then there is the so-called "value" plan, which puts more limits on your choice of providers and has poorer drug coverage, but is free to the nurse and family I'm lucky enough to live in California and belong to a union that is pretty ready to fight back against the kind of thing your management is proposing. Unfortunately, a lot of employers who are doing very well financially are trying to take advantage of tough economic times to roll back wages and benefits. Union members need to stand together and be ready to fight back.
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    "Our hospital is trying to increase our out of pocket max from $1500.oo/yr to $3000.00 per year. And our deductable from $350.00 to $1200.00"

    Wow, and you have a union?!!
    Glad I married a teacher. No deductible, $15 co-pay. For now anyway.
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    Unionized nurses in my neck of the woods have free health care for life. One union voted to strike because the hospital wanted them to pay 10% of their insurance premiums. Non-union employees paid 50% of their premiums, so they weren't very sympathetic to the nurses.

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