Unions vs non union hospitals - page 2

I spoke to various people regarding working for union hospitals vs non-union. Some nurses have actually left union hospitals to go work in non union hospitals and even reported better work... Read More

  1. by   Neats
    I think unions can be good when they are truly needed. But with all the HR policy/procedures, with the 1800 I hate my boss reporting number, with laws/regulation there are way more measures one can take to ensure they are being treated fairly. As a manager of over 30 years experience I have hoops that I jump through and do the right thing. Even when managers do not do right there are so many laws a person could use to sue the company. If your work truly is having staff issues because of the way they are being unfair and not following regulation that is one thing but if it unions are being used for job security or pay raises then I would think carefully about joining a union. Just my input.
  2. by   perioperative
    Defiantly NON UNION. Unions protect the lazy, take your money for political contributions to the candidates of their choice.
  3. by   PaddyW
    For me Unions have helped us fight for adequate staffing and improved pay so that we had competitive wages for the area. We are able to utilize union documentation and representation to ensure that we have proof that unsafe staffing and/or patient acuities are noted and filed for potential lawsuits. I am neither a lazy employee, nor does ALL my money go to pay for political candidates. We often do lobbying (as in nurses show up) against certain healthcare bills or ensuring that we maintain our legally mandated patient to nurse ratios.
  4. by   Dranger
    Unions in my area are completely useless, COl went up 14% in Seattle last year, 13% the year before and they negotiate the same 1.5-2% cookie cutter raise each year. Literally copy and paste each new contract. Thanks for nothing...