Unions for Oklahoma Nurses

  1. I'm sure many nurses have had the same experience as myself. I worked as an RN in Oklahoma for a couple years before I started traveling (to CA only). During my time as a nurse in OK i had many poor experiences and left my job extremely unhappy. The way my coworkers were treated and the things we had to put up with were absurd and now having experienced many different unionized hospitals in CA only magnifies my previous beliefs. I love Oklahoma but i dont think i could come back to the state as a nurse and be proud and satisfied in the workplace.

    My question is, how does a state even begin the process of getting a union? Is it hospital workers who come together and decide to unionize or is it state wide? Would Oklahoma nurses come together for a union, not for political power or the nonsense that is often associated with unions. Rather, for better treatment, mandatory breaks, nurse-patient rations, and better pay. Oklahoma nurses deserve those, at least, and from my experience, its not happening.
    I would love feedback- thanks.
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  3. by   OUonly
    Much over due in every state in this nation. Many if not all hospitals care about only 1 thing. Money!!!! I'm sorry but I didn't get into nursing to not give quality nursing care to all of my pts. Put aside your political views towards unions and realize why everyone of us goes to work for. The best pay and the best benefits. Nurses spend their entire career taking care of others. It's time for nurses to take care of themselves. The only way to do that and give quality care is to get written nurse to pt ratios. That means educating yourself on the benefits unions provide to allow you to be the best nurse possible.