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  1. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    …..It's all Planned to disrupt and cause disharmony so they can hire temp workers and union bust. It actually is so poorly done I wonder if they hired some inept consultant to help them without realizing what they were getting into. I feel sorry for any patient walking into Alta Bates in the next couple months--short staffing, temp workers and mixed up schedules do not create safe conditions for Healing and Wellness. "We minus YOU" makes for a bad health care model. But Sutter does not view itself as a health care provider but rather a profit machine.
  2. by   iluvivt
    Unfortunately, I think Dignity Health is following their example. They have recently robbed our pensions without any warning or bargaining,now the are cutting RNs from many non-mandated ratio areas including IV Therapy RNs and are seeking to cut benefited RNs and replacing them with per diems. God forbid you should need overtime because it takes an act of congress to get it approved.

    We want viable companies but corporate greed at the expense of hard working professionals and ultimately the patients will bite them in the behind. Truly the most succeesful and respected companies value and respect their employees and great success follows. Just look at Google and Apple! Shame on you Sutter and Dignity Health.
  3. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    So True--they would realize so much savings if they just listened to their nurses. I support corporate health and want my corporation to make money, but not at the expense of my patients, my practice and and my community.

    I think this is who Sutter hired to union They are going about it so ineptly that I imagine it's purposeful. I don't think they realize how strongly united we actually are, how freaking smart nurses are, and how fierce we are when we are fighting mad.

    Sad to say, I used to be anti union back in my MBA daze. I now realize how much they protect me and my patients now that I am working on the other side of the fence. Sutter has created an unsafe situation with staffing conditions and it will bite them in the end. Greed $$$$ is all consuming.
  4. by   Good Deeds
    I'm coming out of lurking to say that I've worked at Alta Bates for over 7 years and have lost my job and benefits. I am a highly regarded professional. I am pregnant with my second baby due in March. I am the primary wage earner as well as the benefits carrier for my family. My job is currently listed on the website as "Temporary" What they are doing is so wrong. Unfortunately I cannot wait for the dust to settle and the CNA lawyers to rectify this situation. I am being forced to sell our home and move in with my inlays. I feel just broken and so angry at Sutter and Pat Fry. Someone calculated he earns $25,000 per day. This is more than our housekeepers make and they just fired 5 of them. This is half of what my husband makes in a year. He is our only salary now and I am worried about my nursing skills if I take off work for more than a year. I hate Sutter; I will never work for a Sutter facility again.
  5. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Hang in Good Deeds--we are CNA Strong and we are not giving up the good fight. Hang around for implementation and get ready to watch the fur fly! PM me and become part of our secret society online where you can see how powerful in number we really are and how serious we are about this. We are ground ZERO and other nurses from other facilities have our backs sister. Come to the negotiations tomorrow where you can see the stupidity and lack of respect for nursing we are dealing with. DO NOT GIVE UP!

    Did you actually get a termination letter?….they CAN'T terminate you when we have travelers in the house. And sister, We are sick with travelers right now. Even with that, we've been chronically short staffed and had a couple scary near misses as a result, I have been filling out ADO's left and right and documenting everything that has been going on. It's a health care travesty--I'm actually thinking of writing a book about it starting with the first strike and subsequent sentinel event -- how their greed and refusal to negotiate led to consecutive strikes in a population of nurses that values their community.

    I've actually been using these last weeks as an educational opportunity to showcase the protection being part of a Union affords these travelers so they can bring the message back to their "Right to Work" facilities. LOL! So much for Union Busting--more like Union Seeding via Travelers. Please Come to the negotiation meet tomorrow--dress in RED--and then you can see for yourself how Sutter[FONT=lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif][COLOR=#333333] didn't think this "paper layoff" through. And now we are on the cusp of implementation all hell is going to break loose. I've got the State, Media and JACHO on speed dial sister because you know chit is gonna hit the fan. I'm just waiting for implementation to watch the Union Lawyers go to town.

    I think Sutter actually thought that we would give up on fighting for our contract by now when in fact they've made every nurse at ABSMC more determined than ever--even the ones that used to cross the lines! It's a hostile environment that has drawn us closer together and together we will fight them. PM me--I've got some RED scrubs for you. We've set up a fund to help our displaced brethren. Your CNA brother's and sisters have got your back.