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Nurses at Rio Grande Regional Hospital in McAllen Texas voted July 11, 2012 to decertify and remove the NNOC union as their bargaining agent. This decertification was successful despite a neutrality agreement between the... Read More

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    I have to address mbarnbsn's assertions. We DO have the opportunity to voice out concerns, or "complain" as you say, as a matter of fact, even before the union attempted to insert themselves into our hospital, there are employee boards that meet regularly where issues can be looked at and best solutions can be come up with. In essence, we DO have imput. We also keep abreast of best practice and model our policies and procedures to include them and keep to safe staffing ratios. We didn't need a third-party to do this, we already had it. In addition, after seeing what out non-RN coworkers got as their contract with the SEIU, we wanted to see what had been negotiated for us thus far. We obtained a copy of the tentative agreement {all of the points of the contract that had been agreed upon thus far}. We saw immediately the discrepancies between what was promised and what was going to take effect. They were still ACTIVELY promising us "time and a half" for holidays, knowing full-well they had already signed off on the holiday pay that we had always had before. Let me translate that for you: they were lying to us with promises they knew were not going to be honored because it had already been signed off on! In addition to that, I had to file POLICE reports of acts of criminal mischief that were being done to my property, to include an attempt to let my rottie out of my gate and potentially get run over on the major road that adjoins my property mere yards from my gate. Why me? Oh, I forgot to mention: I'm the nurse that spearheaded the push to remove the parasitic union from my hospital. And I would gladly do it again, if necessary.
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