I'm an RN in California. I work per-diem at unionized hospital. Do I pay dues?

  1. Hello, everybody.
    I used to be a full-time at this unionized hospital and I paid dues.
    After I went per-diem, they started sending me bills for union dues.
    I work about a day or two days during 2 week pay period.
    The due is not on a percentage of my paycheck either. It's a set amount per month.
    What do I do?
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  3. by   iluvivt
    That is most likely what your contract states. You need to find out from your HR dept or get a copy of your current contract. Typically it will be a percentage of your base hourly rate and that will be capped. When you switched to a per diem you went under a certain number of hours (per your contract) which switched you to a base rate. Your base rate is LESS than what you were paying when you were working more. Now in terms of billing you were most likely having the amt due to to the union directly out of your pay per pay period right? and now if you have decreased your hours they are billing you..You still have to pay b/c you still benefit from all the union does for your facility unless you have been granted a conscientious objector and even then you have to donate a certain amt to a charity agreed upon by all parties involved. You can also check and see if the set amt can be taken out per pay period so you do not have to deal directly with the bill.You will need to set that up with HR and payroll if that is an option,
  4. by   swinkim
    Hmm the monthly amount is exactly 30% of my check as a perdiem.Honestly I have never joined the union to begin with, even as a full-timer.Does this change anything?
  5. by   laborer
    Hey swinkim... name of hospital and location.