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I relocated to NC a few years ago from up north, and while I love it here, I am amazed and appalled by what some of these admins. can get away with in these hospitals. I have been reminded time and... Read More

  1. by   yardienurse
    I am one of those nurses that have been targeted because I'm "outspoken." Moving to NC from NY I was not used to being spoken to like I an a nobody and I was black balled. I have had to work with nurse to pt ration of 1/10 and administration was no where to be found.
    Also, why are we the lowest paying state for nurses?
    We are in need of help as nurses to get things to change. Its going to take a group of dedicated nurses to stand up to change the Laws.
  2. by   yardienurse
    That's great that you have people willing to listen.
    Here in NC I have not seen that at any of the hospitals in my community, especially the larger ones.
  3. by   DrStew
    of course if you had a union, you wouldn't have to face this yourselves.
  4. by   DrStew
    Dude.....chill. I'm as Republican as anybody but there is a time and a place for unions. Child labor laws didn't get changed by the children. Factory workers didn't get minimum wage from their generous employers.
    There's a time and a place for everything. I actually think that a nursing union might not be a bad thing. It will only be as liberal or conservative as the nurses that make up the body of the union. Right now, the administrators of hospital systems are focused on the bottom line and not much else. They're trying everything from the Disney model to the Starbucks model to change the way hospitals do business.
    Let's face it....we had to take all that BS nursing theory for a reason. I think that the nurses need a bigger voice and some political muscle to get things done.

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