4000 RNs Win new contract

  1. Michigan Health System............ http://www.michigandaily.com/news/nu...e-new-contract
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    "We felt the University was trying to take advantage of the economic times and trying to roll back improvements we have won over many years through our MNA contract," said Katie Oppenhiem, RN, President of the local bargaining unit. "The credit goes to our members. Our nurses came together to stand up for what they believed. It was the strength and unity of our union that has allowed us to push forward to such a successful settlement. This is a win for all parties, and the biggest winners will be our patients."

    The nurses had been working without a contract since July 1, 2011. The contract provides for new provisions that will give nurses a significant voice in areas such as staffing, nursing practice, and the use of technology. An example - under the terms of the new agreement, charge nurses will have a say in determining whether more staffing is needed to meet the specific needs of the patients.
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