Working in hospitals?

  1. So, I already have a job. I work in home health. I love my job, and the pay is great. But I would still like to make a little more. Hospital near me is hiring CNA's. Part time. Like only weekends. I was thinking about applying, but I have heard horror stories which scare me.. What exactly do you do in the hospital? I know what to expect in nursing homes, is it the same?

    Let me know, Thanks!
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  3. by   2ndshot
    I feel that it's almost the same. Although, you take vitals everyday, maybe collect specimen samples for the lab. Get reports. You'll catch on to the routine quick.
  4. by   yousoldtheworld
    Yep, in my experience, I did the same things I did in a nursing home, but with a few extra tasks. I had to take vitals at the beginning of each shift, and some floors had the aides do the blood sugars.

    You also have a lot more admissions and discharges, which just means more packing and unpacking belongings.

    Other than that, it's the same basic job - assisting the patients with whatever things they need assistance with. It will vary greatly depending on what unit you're on. Some units will have patients who need minimal assistance with most adls, others are far more serious and acute.
  5. by   NiquiCNA
    working in hospital is VASTLY different than a nursing home. I worked in nursing homes for 10 years (5 different places) and the hospital was such a change. i love it.