When I go to turn in my resume who should I give it to and do I need a......

  1. When I go to turn in my resume who should I go to and should I get a letter of recommendation? I am interested in a pediatric per diem job at an out patient center and I have basically no experience (besides clinicals of coarse!) and I want to show I am interested as possible. I just read some advice from CNAs who went directly into hospitals after they graduated and they said the best things to do were 1.)Get AHA BLS certified 2.)Go to HR in person, give them your resume, and ask them if they reviewed your application. Basically anything to show you're are really interested. Should I talk to the hiring manager or go directly to HR when I go to turn in myresume? Do I need a cover letter? Would that be trying too hard or would it look professional? Thank you!
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  3. by   pinkstethoscope
    I think that you should first look on their website first and see what their application is like. In my area, many facilities only accept applications online and do not want people coming in dropping of their resumes. If you aren't able to get that information online, call first and see what they recommend. If they ask you to come in and fill out an application, definitely bring a copy of your resume as well as a cover letter. Make sure that you are dressed professionally incase they decide to interview you on the spot, I've heard of that happening many times. Also, make sure to make a good impression with the receptionist/front desk. If you are rude to them or anything at all, you can bet they will let HR or a hiring manager know. Good luck!