What to wear to interview for CNA position.

  1. Hi , I just got my cna licence, and I am going to be looking for a job. I don't know if I should wear scrubs to the job interview, or dress up in interview clothing.

    Please help. Any other advice would be helpful. I have been out of the workforce for a long time and have 7 mouths to feed. I need a job like yesterday, any advice on interviews, who to approch, etc. would be helpful.

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  3. by   KellNY
    No, I would never wear scrubs unless the interviewer specifically requested that I do so!

    You want to look neat and clean (no 2 inch neon green press on nails-short and natural is best...minimal makeup...nothing crazy with the hair, etc). Your clothes-no matter what you wear should be clean and ironed, and they should fit right, so try everything on 1st, because what fit last year may not fit so well this year (and on top of the negative impact on the way you look, you'll be physically uncomfortable if the waise from your pants is cutting you in half, or if your breasts are smashed by a too tight top).

    You mentioned that you're desperate for a job and imply that you're financially put out a bit. My 1st interview outfit as a medical assistant was a pair of brown slacks ($5) and a white blouse ($3) from the thrift store. I borrowed my mothers shoes. When I was almost done with nursing school, I was still broke, but felt the need to really look my best to boost my confidence, so I went to Burlington Coat Factory (like a TJ Max/Marshalls, if you have any near you) and bought a really nice black pinstripe pantsuit for $29.99-it came with the pants, vest and jacket--all I had to get was the shoes and an under shirt.

    As far as getting interviews--the want ads will have your best source as far as quantity. Set up a nice resume (your school may be able to help) and fax it to every where you see might need a CNA. The more places you interview at, the more options you have and you can see what you like. BUT, it's also good to ask around to people who have worked as CNAs, as they can tell you the places that you may want to avoid (too much mandatory OT, unpaid meal breaks, bad ratios, crappy pay, no benefits, high turnover, etc) as well as places you might want to seek out (good pay/benefits, staff treated well, fair ratios, etc).

    Good luck!
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  4. by   FNimuaeMae
    DON'T do what I did when I was getting my first CNA job....Decided to go pick up the application because I was in the area, thinking I'd bring it back completed, etc...here I am wearing scruffy sweatshirt, jeans, looking messy, and what do they want to do but interview me on the spot! I wanted to die! Still got the job though...

  5. by   quisqueya
    I am going to hit the pavement in about an hour to take out applications. Thank you for the great advice.
  6. by   KellNY
    Oh, and act confident. (even if you're not )
  7. by   DTCC PreRN
    I'd piggy back on what KellNY said. She's right on. My career is in HR, specifically recruiting and I would much rather see a person dressed well than in scrubs. Be confident. Think to yourself that you're doing them a favor by offering your services to them. This helps you get over the heebie geebies.

    Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Max are great places to get name brand suits deeply discounted. Let us know how it goes!
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  8. by   quisqueya
    Received a job offer, and I have filled out paperwork . They said when the drug test comes back they will put me on the schedule. Have another question will post a new thread.

    I did wear street clothes, had hair fixed, and a big confident smile. Thank you everybody who responded to my post.
  9. by   kangaroo621
    Congratulations Quisqueya!!!
    Now go celebrate!! I'm sure your pee will pass with flying colors :biere:
  10. by   MY3JJJS
    Before I graduated as an MA, I was told that the best thing to wear to an interview was to wear your uniform. At first it sounded weird, but I took that advice and believe it or not, I've been hired on the spot twice.