What to expect on a CNa position?

  1. I am looking on starting a CNa course at the Red Cross . As I graduate what should I expected from working in a nurse home ? Like what shifts are better than the other ? How's a day look like ? On the shifts some are then are 3 to 11 pm at the time after dinner and bed time what else to do ? What is the best place to work hospital or nursing home ? Thank you
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  3. by   thats so awesome
    Days are busy-meal tray passes, getting residents ready for their day, working around physical therapy's schedule, showers, bathing, more meal trays....the day goes by very fast! 2nd shift is just as busy but it can slow down toward the end as you prepare residents for bed. Noc shift can be busy with residents that are confused. When I worked nights it was just constant rounds of changes, passing ice water, vitals and baths as needed. There's always something to do like tidying up their rooms or passing out ice water. I found that working in a nursing home is best for a first job as a CNA, working at a hospital to me is better because of the 3-12 hour shifts.
  4. by   AKreader
    Although every nursing home is slightly different, days are generally going to be your busiest shifts. Evenings are busy until you have everyone in bed. Nights can go either way. I know several people that like working nights because there are less bosses/politics running around. I won't work nights while I'm in school -- and I love day shifts because I still have all afternoon/evening to do my studying.
    So, here's how my day goes: Get people up for breakfast. By the time they are done with breakfast, there are group activities and physical therapy waiting. Toilet, and then it's lunch time. Most of my residents like to lay down after lunch (toilet again). Pass linens and stock supplies for next shift, and you are done for the day!
  5. by   etxn
    Most of the CNAs I know working in a facility prefer days or 2nd - one in particular said she loved 2nd because that was bath shift and she loved having time to visit with the clients during bath time