what makes a good CNA?

  1. how about staffing issues, like patient to NA ratio? (This definitely effects the quality of care.)
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  3. by   valifay
    Effeciency, dedication and the abitlity to stand up for what is right...IMO these are just a few important factors of being a good CNA. Its never good to be seen and not heard. Depending what type of facility you work in, you are often the patients voice when they cannot speak. When I worked in LTC the CNA's spent more time with the residents than anyone else. If it wasnt for us reporting odd behavior, swelling, rashes, etc., it would go overlooked for days. Always speak up when you know it is important! As far as your question about a dead end job...its only a dead end if you make it one. There are plenty of opportunities for CNA's to make more money and enjoy their time at work. Many places hire CNA's in house as their CNA coordinators/shift supervisors. And once you gain enough experience and get your name out, private duty will call! And that's money in the bank, if you know what you're doing! *ex: When I made $10/hr at the nursing home, I made $20/hr private duty.* I still make close to double my hourly wage working private. And you can work it to your benefit...evenings only, mornings only, weekends off, whatever...and when you work private duty you can usually make your own schedule and quote your own rate (within reason!).