tips for taking CNA test as a nursing student

  1. hello.
    i am a current nursing student planning to take the CNA test so it will help me get a job in the nursing field. By being a nursing student, i am exempt from having to take the CNA classes, but i'm a little worried about the skills portion of the test. There are some things on the list of skills to be tested that i have not learned, and I am worried about what will happen if they select the skills that i do not know how to perform. Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you!
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  3. by   LadyLeo75
    What I suggest watch YouTube they have every skill on there. I took the class but before my skills test I watch every skill on YouTube and I passed the skills portion and written portion on the first try.

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  4. by   green34
    Find out if you need to bring your own person. If you do, practice on them.

    Also, skill booklets should be available online for free describing the skills you will perform.
  5. by   Glycerine82
    There is a book for each state that tells you all the possible skills and the steps involved. Memorize them and practice them. The only skill I didn't want to get was occupied bed strip and thats the one I got. AArrrgh. There are sooo many steps in that one and we don't do it even close to the way the book says, LOL. I passed though.

    Like others said, youtube is great but make sure you actually practice it. One will be hand washing, one will be a measurement which you should be fine with and then the other 3 will be anything. Feeding, brushing teeth, ambulating, bed strip, bedpan, cath care, etc.
  6. by   Jessicainsantafe
    There is a site called 4YourCNA, with a lady named 'Patty' who demonstrates a lot of the skills needed for the CNA test. The strange thing about taking the test is that you are tested on your handwashing skills, and they don't say it.....just remember to sing 'Happy Birthday' to yourself twice while washing your hands BEFORE you attempt that first skill. Here in New Mexico, the proctor/RN is right there while you wash your hands, not saying a word. Don't wear any rings, either, since you will have to remove them. Also, Glycerine82 is right, every state will have a slightly different skill set. When I took my test last year, the BP skill was removed because the CNA classes teach it with different methods (manual vs. electronic). And, if you get the 'feeding a resident', be sure to open the curtain. That is the only skill that shows the curtain open as opposed to most other skills. Identify yourself to the resident and say the resident's name in almost every sentence. Remember to say to the resident the skill you are about to perform, and say out loud the steps you have to do. It helps you to remember the sequence.

    I hope this helps you. Don't be afraid to do these skills on your family members and teddy bears...I did!

    Good luck!
  7. by   futuresctRN
    Thank you so much for posting this! I'm taking my cna test at the end of july and I appreciate any advice given here