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I work as a CNA in a LTC facility. One gentleman who has lived there for more than 20 yrs (he has severe Cerebal Palsy). He has no family or anyone who visits him. His (few)clothes are basically... Read More

  1. by   marsqueen
    Quote from MrsCuoco
    I was a CNA in a somewhat sub-par nursing home where we had many residents with either little or no family and some of them had pretty threadbare clothes or they'd gain weight and bust out of what they had. The facility took donations of clothing for these people, but a lot of us CNAs also brought in clothing, sometimes to be put in the general stock and sometimes something for a specific resident. I believe there is nothing wrong with that.
    I actually have 3 garbage bags full of clothes from when I cleaned out my closet and dressers, and was thinking of donating them to a homeless shelter, but after I saw your post I was thinking of doing a nursing home and homeless shelter. Do I just walk in with a bag of clothes or is their an agency I need to go through?
  2. by   Kimcan38
    Aww I did the same thing! I brought a resident some of my clothes because all she had was pajamas! I've also brought a lady tacos and another fried chicken lol I may cannot do for all of them, but I at least give them my time I think you are super kind hearted and it's not inappropriate to help anyone! We do good deeds not to be recognized or judged by others.. It shows your true character and the good Lord loves u for it so keep on popping tags at the garage sales all u want
  3. by   Taylor1432
    I got in trouble (just talked to) for bringing every resident on my unit Christmas presents before. No favoritism if you bring everyone one... Sometimes management cares more about rules than the quality of the residents lives. So keep being sweet. No one has to know