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  1. I am preparing for my CNA I skills test, and I was wondering about what you can and can not miss. I know that failing to properly complete bolded tasks and safety regulations like locking wheel chair, providing privacy, failing to explain procedure bed wheels, or not applying gait belts properly, not washing hands at the right times and failing to change gloves at the wrong times will fail you, but I am more in less concerned about the little steps in between, you know the things that you don't always think about. Also, do you gather your supplies b4 or after you introduce you're self to the resident. I guess I am just worried about missing an essential step or maybe even a non-essential step.
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  3. by   yajaira21
    well im in CA and I took the skills test twice ......they have the supplies already set up so you dont have to collect anything its already there laid out.

    Wash your hands b4 and after everything you do.

    Every evaluator is different some are stricter some are more relaxed.

    When filling the basin with water check the temp then ask the pt to check the temp

    With my evaluator we couldnt put a wash cloth back in the basin (peri- care, bed bath)so we had to use like 10 different rags to wash one arm

    BUT our teacher did no teach us that way so some students failed for that.

    Its sort of like a lottery .

    Always intorduce your self check the wrist ban provide privacy raise the bed to a safe working level but dont forget to lower the bed to the lowest position when your done always make sure that the rails are up that the wheels are locked.

    Study all of your skills memorize each step be confident.

    Wash your hands for at least 15-25 sec

    Use proper body mechanics

    Also if your partner moves or does "something" without you telling them too you will both fail because they consider that cheating so make sure you talk to your partner or class.

    You know this stuff dont over analyze things you will just stress your self out for no reason

    Be confident good luck!:heartbeat