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Tele/MedSurg or MedSurg NA position?

  1. 0 Hi!

    I just received two job offers for an NA position, but I don't know which to choose, and I was wondering if I could get some help!

    The first position is for a med/surg short stay unit with pre/post op surgery patients ranging from angio procedures, gynecological, general, ENT, bariatrics, urology, gastroenteroloy, neuro, and ortho procedures. It's going to be a totally new floor at the hospital I applied to, so everyone coming into the job, other NAs, nurses, etc., will all be on the same page going into the job. I had an interview for this floor.

    The second position is a tele/med-surg unit. I previously did a rotation there for nursing school, so I kind of already know the floor and some of the people that work there. Their patients are mostly CHF or dialysis patients. I did not have an interview for this floor, but I previously had an interview with the nurse manager for an internship program, but didn't get it. She called me back to offer the NA position.

    Does anyone have any pros/cons about a general tele/medsurg or pre/post op floor. If you were in my situation, which unit would you choose?
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    Personally I would go to the Med/Surg floor because you will see more diverse patients, and would be better of you wanted to do a different specialty later.
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    Don't do tele. I have been working tele for the last five months and they are grinding me down like coffee beans. It is grueling. I have a friend who works med-surg in the same hospital, and while she has her harder nights, she's pretty content. Meanwhile, I am casting about for almost any and every way to jump ship. You couldn't pay me enough to work tele again! Maybe it's the age of the population I am working with (heavy retiree community) but OMG it's just so hard!