Strategies for Dressing a Stroke Patient - page 2

Hi, I'm a 4th quarter nursing student, and we are required to give AM care to our patients. My patient is overweight and previously had a stroke which left her left side weak and immovable. I'm having a really hard time... Read More

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    Thanks Loriangel14. We did that yesterday.

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    Quote from northernguy
    Wait til you have to get people dressed whose arms are so stiff and constricted they are like mummies, and they have extremely limited range of motion and tight fitting non stretchable clothing the family insists they wear.
    No kidding! My wrist hurts just reading your post! That dead weight is awesome, like they weigh another 100 lbs. And getting my arm under their armpit for a transfer is really difficult. The family does not realize why the clothing gets so torn and battered and they have sports jackets hanging in his closet!!?? I recommended Goodwill for a shopping spree for soft pull on stuff. It took them a few minutes to calm down and realize I had their loved ones best interests at heart. Where is comon sense??????
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    I usually put the weak arm in first, then the strong arm, then be sure the top is over both elbows up close to their arm pits, and then pull quickly over the head.

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