Still not listed on the registry

  1. I completed my Cna skills exam on June 10. I recieved both papers saying that I passed and that I would be placed on the registry within 2-4 buisness days. I checked today (June 16th) and although the site says it has been updated today I am still not listed. Im just waiting to be listed so that I can turn in my nursing application and time is running out. Has anyone else had a problem with passing the Cna exam and having to wait for the registry to add you? I have heard some people say they are listed the next day.
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  3. by   MissChristi86
    why can't you juss show the copy of your cna course completion certificate and the copies of the exam reports where you passesd till your name appears? plenty of people do that here in ga.
  4. by   fuzzywuzzy
    It took TWO MONTHS for my name to show up. My classmates weren't on there either so I knew it wasn't just me. I already had another job at the time so I didn't have a problem waiting, but other people in my class were able to get other forms of documentation from the school and they didn't seem to have any problems.

    Your nursing school application should be fine if you include your certificate saying you passed. They can use your name or social security number to look you up in the system anyway (if you're on there by the time they process your app), so you don't necessarily NEED to include a registry number ON your application.
  5. by   yajaira21
    dont worry about it youll get on there it took me 34 days