Start CNA class next week

  1. 0 Anyone else? I'm doing a 3 week class starting August 1st. Had to get instructor approval from my other teachers since it will overlap with the first 3 days of class, but glad to be getting it out of the way so I can focus on my last 4 prereqs for the RN program.

    Long time lurker coming out of hiding here!
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    Most of it's easy. I passed the class with an A. The clinicals are what you make them. I had a great clinical experience, I did great and got great reviews from the staff and my nursing instructor. However, I did have some girls in my class start drama, one was in her mid 40's and the other just turned 18. Obviously, they didn't ruin my time, but just saying, there are some people that can ruin things.

    Good luck and enjoy your CNA class!!!

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