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hello, do any of you guys get to spend any time with the residents, to find out how they are feeling, a little friendly chat, a hand massage perhaps. do you ever have enough time? i'd love... Read More

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    Quote from nurse2b013
    I got so attached to several residents during my clinicals, and I miss them now! Maybe that is not professional, but I can't help it! Some of them are so sweet...they remind me of my long-deceased grandmother. I found that they really appreciated when I simply stopped in to say hello or maybe chat for a minute or two. Whatever I can do to make their days brighter, I'll do it!

    Of course these senior citizens have much wisdom and life experience to offer. What made me so sad, however, were the ones who are now virtually trapped in a degenerating body, with barely any way to communicate. It's sad to realize that all these people led full lives, had families, and cannot share that with anyone. And many of them used to be nurses, professors, lawyers, etc... I feel so badly for them.
    I still get attached to residents too . That's why I find it hard to leave jobs, b/c I like the residents there, but the facilities are nightmares!

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    thank you for the responses,

    as i learn more in class, i realize that care time is the best time to find out how the resident is feeling and perhaps give words of encouragement. lotioning will give me time for a quick massage.

    do you ever have time to give massages?
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    You can talk with them while you work, most of the time, to connect, without seeming like you just go into the room to do things to them, instead of for them.
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    LOL...have enough time to talk with the residents...hahaha thats funny?? wait..you're not kidding?? in all seriousness tho..most of the time you don't get to have enough time to just sit and talk with them, this is very sad I try to come in on my days off and visit, but actually being on the job and being able to sit and talk with them..not a chance, way to busy and WAY understaffed, and I'm sure alot of people will tell you that.

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