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    I have been an aide for over 12 years, both in LTC and hospitals. I just would like to put in my two cents here about the way all nursing staff treat each other.
    I have seen aid to aid bullying, nurse to nurse bullying, and nurse to aide bullying. It seems in healthcare, there is some underlying need to be petty and to gossip.
    My impression is that since it is largely a workforce of women, that all the petty jealousies so many girls participated in back in the middle school years, never really leaves some women.
    I hated it then and I hate it now, but you really can't change some people. Just make sure that you don't gossip, or make snide remarks, or act petty yourself.
    If someone acts that way toward you, just smile, and continue to do a great job.
    Maintain your professionalism and in the end you will know that you are doing the right thing.
    In any profession there are people that aren't going to be nice to you, there are people that aren't going to like you, and there are people that are just plain rotten. Don't worry about them. You are there for the patient and to assist the nurse in her many tasks.
    Also remember as an Aide, the nurse has a huge amount of responsibility and a ton of stress to deal with. She or He, has a lot of people standing over her/him just waiting to let the nurse take the final blame for any thing that goes wrong, and that includes the fact that YOU are working on their license. That's right, your negligence, wether, intentional or not, falls back on your nurse. Keep that in mind. Respect what your nurse goes through and she will respect you as well.

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