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  1. Hello,All
    I have been searching for a Job as a C.N.A for almost a year with out any luck. I am assuming this has to do with my lack of professional experience,and being male.

    I was wondering if volunteering at a hospital/nursing home would help?
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  3. by   thelittledoe
    I don't think it has anything to do with you being male, as there are many male CNAs and there are many male patients as well. However, some hospitals may not hire you as a volunteer because your duties will be that of a volunteer but since you are certified, you and the hospital will be liable if something goes wrong that a CNA could have prevented, but it is out of the realm of your volunteer duties. Just double check with wherever you plan to apply, wouldn't want you to lose your certification over anything silly.
  4. by   luvcare
    As a newly certified CNA/GNA myself, I know how you feel. Most places want you to have 6 months to a year experience. For some reason they don't count the clinical part of the training as experience. I would suggests going to open house hiring events...I've seen some that encourage new grads and even 90-day letters. I would also suggests to keep applying in person and ask to speak directly with the DON and give them your resume...this way you stand out from other applicants. I applied for a position at a nursing home four months ago...had an interview two months ago and heard nothing. So I called and they said they had not contacted me because they were backed-up with paperwork, but scheduled me for orientation the next day. Just keep following up with them
  5. by   mvm2
    Have you only applied to hospitals and nursing Homes? There are other places to check out too that may give you job easier and faster. There is Home Care Hospice Retirment Homes Rehab Facilities. Check out if there are any Va Homes or Hospitals near by where you live. Don't give up there is a job out there for you.