Should I take a Phlebotomy course after CNA? - page 4

At the end of the month I will be taking my CNA test. I was wondering should i take a phlebotomy course after that? I'm slowly making my way towards being a RN but I have a long way to go. So I was wondering if I should do this... Read More

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    I took the cna class (lecture and clinical), the phlebotomy class (lecture and clinical) and the EKG class ( lecture only). Was able to finish it all in less than a semester. After taking all the classes the school gives you a pct certificate.

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    Honestly, depending on the hospital you work at they don't recognize your CNA or MA licensing. I work at St. Luke's in the med center and you take a course to become a PCA when you are hired that teaches you to do vitals, glucose checks, blood draws, EKGs, basic patient care, etc.... You can come from working at grocery store with no patient care experience and be hired as a PCA.
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    houstonrn, may I ask what I could expect as pay as a pca at St. Lukes? I have a few years experience and do blood, and I want to know what to ask.

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