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Should I Stay?

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I just started a secretary/tech job at a large hospital in the Intensive Care Nursery. I am CNA certified but when I went to employee health for my health assessment I failed the push/pull test. The nurse manager that hired me said not to worry because I can retest in 6 months but in the meantime I can't work in the capacity of a CNA. I can only do the secretary job. This makes me feel really bad because I am certified and I'm a little embarrassed that I failed this push/pull test. Should I stay at this job or find another job that will allow me to work as a Tech?

    Thanks, Pink123
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    What is the push /pull test? Does it test your strength, or is it some kind of a cna skill I don't know about? That really stinks, to not be able to use your liscence there. Is it possible to work at two places? Possibly pick up one or two shifts a week at a different facility? Good luck with whatever you decide!
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    hi Irene joy. The test is used to test your strength and I passed 9 out of the 10 skill test. If my schedule permits I may just do what you suggest and work some where else just so I can use my tech skills and get that patient interaction. Thanks.