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Scheduling with every other weekend - confusion?

  1. 0 I interviewed for a CNA position recently and the shift is 3-11 with every other weekend required. Is that weekend usually included in the 40 hour week, or in addition to a 40 hour week? Anyone have any experience with this type of schedule? How is it typically scheduled in most nursing home facilities with every other weekend required? Any insight you can share would be greatly appreciated while I wait for an answer from HR on this. Thanks!
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    every other weekend means that on alternate weeks your time off will be week days.

    eg. week one you work M-F 3-11 and week two you work Wed-Sun 3-11 and have Mon and Tues off that week

    The work week will be defined by your employer, meaning that there may be times where you work 6 or 7 days in a row but don't get paid overtime. This is because the work period crosses two pay periods.
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    Thank you! That clears it up much better for me. I was told the pay period was Sunday to Saturday, so what you're saying makes sense. I appreciate you taking the time to reply