Resident of AFH as "Visitor"

  1. I recently took a job at an AFH whose provider has an autistic teenage son. She wants to place him in her AFH but can't until he turns 18, so for now, she is considering him a "visitor" even tho he lives there on weekend and caregivers are meant to care for him just as they do the regular residents. This seems kind of funny to me, but I don't know. Can one receive care at an AFH, before becoming an official resident, as an occasional over night "visitor"?
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  3. by   Sunflowerinsc
    AFH is??
  4. by   Skayda
    Quote from Sunflowerinsc
    AFH is??
    Adult Family Home
  5. by   LightX
    Many of the AFH in my state also provide respite services to families on weekends or for short periods of time. (so the family who usually provides care can get a break for a few days/week...). That "client" will receive care along with the other residents by the aides of that facility while they are there.
  6. by   Skayda
    Ah, Thank you, Lightx. The owner of the facility also has another AFH but her son doesn't like it there to stay overnight. He catches the bus to school from there and is picked up by his dad after school and he spends his week at their main house with his dad while his mom stays at her one AFH I work at every other weekend. The weekends I don't work at her one house I'm working at the second AFH and her son stays with his dad. So, he stays with me every other weekend, with his dad during the week and his older sister takes him some weekends. He gets bounced around a lot but I see that it's OK for him to be staying unofficially at his mom's place of business.
  7. by   TurtleCat
    I work at a place kind of like the one you described, it's a geriatric group home that houses up to 6 elderly residents. Anyway, we had a resident receiving care in the manner you described for a while, basically just daycare. Since all our rooms were full, she was there for the daytime only -- her family would bring her in for the aides to watch over during the day, and then they'd come and bring her back home before nighttime.