Rehab Aide?

  1. I recently completed my CNA class and just got offered a position as a rehab aide. I'm very interested in this b/c I think I eventually want to go back to school for OT or PT, so I think that this would be good experience. Has anyone here worked as a rehab aide? I also have a job offer for a CNA position in a SNF...I think I'd prefer the rehab aide job, but would like to see if anyone has any experience in it. Thanks!
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  3. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I work in a place that has both and the rehab floor is waaaay easier.
  4. by   CoffeemateCNA
    My place has both, too.

    Rehab tends to be MUCH easier on your back than SNF. I really like that I can talk to the residents (and know that 90% of the time they are not demented).

    Rehabbers tend to be on their call lights a LOT, though. There are nights where I can get almost none of my work done because I'm running from room to room answering call lights. By the time I finish with the last person, that first person will be on the light again and then the entire cycle repeats itself.

    There's a LOT more paperwork on rehab. Darn those Medicare reimbursements (we like the money, not the work that goes into getting the money back from the govt!!).

    So-- I find rehab to be more mentally stressful while SNF is more physically stressful.

    You probably won't really get that much "different" experience in rehab than in an SNF in terms of your desire to go back to school to become an OT or PT. The CNAs are just doing the basics; all the more "advanced" stuff is usually left to the therapists and nurses. For instance, you may help Mr. Smith get dressed initially in the morning, but it will be the physical therapist who will be working with him to regain his strength and learning to dress himself. You won't be doing any actual "therapy" work.
  5. by   misswillow
    Thanks for the info! This position is actually working in the rehab dept, and not on the rehab floor -- if that makes sense? My boss would be the director of rehab (she's a PT) and I'd be down in the gym and in the rehab office. I think I'd be going on the floors to get the residents and bring them down to the gym, and bring them back to their rooms, but I don't think there would be much more time spent on the floors. I guess I'd be doing some office work for the rehab dept too, and making sure everything is running on schedule. I thought it sounded pretty good, and hopefully I'd get to observe some of the therapy so I can make sure that it's something I really want to do. But since I have another job offer for a CNA position, I want to make sure I choose the right one. The pay for both is pretty similar, but the rehab aide is full-time days, no weekends (which would leave me time to go per diem somewhere else on the weekends...another plus).
  6. by   fuzzywuzzy
    oooh days and no weekends? Is that an outpatient clinic? Take it!
  7. by   misswillow
    It's actually the rehab dept of a SNF, so it's pretty nice that it's no weekends (although hopefully I'll be able to find another job for weekends).
  8. by   CoffeemateCNA
    If you find a PRN job somewhere, you should have NO problem getting weekend shifts. Even amongst the various facilities I've worked, I've been called almost every weekend because someone called in (and it's always the same people, too). When I call to pick up extra shifts, 75% of them are weekends.
  9. by   Mindy38
    Hi, I recently passed my cna exam and I am getting ready to volunteer in the rehab department of an SNF becuase I am considering going to school for OTA and then hopefully OT. Also the rehab unit will be expanding in the next year and will be in need of another rehab technician So I am hoping that works out well. Also some snf's hire restorative aides which also help out in the rehab department! I wish you the best of luck!!!
  10. by   misswillow
    Hi Mindy,
    It looks like we have the same plan, as I am also thinking about going for OTA next fall and then hopefully OT. I'm hoping that this experience will be helpful for getting into school, and eventually getting a job -- also I think I'll be able to really get and idea of whether this is what I want to do. I think volunteering is a great idea for you, and once they need to hire another tech, you'll have a very good shot for the position. Good luck to you as well!!
  11. by   Mindy38
    Thanks, and yes you will be able to see if OT is really what you want. I would suggest for you to also shadow an OT in a school setting and an outpatient setting also. Although where I am in Cincinnati, OH there is not alot of OT in outpatient unless it is a speciality pediatric office. That is the great thing about OT or PT there are several settings you can go into if you don't like the nursing homes. I will be transporting the patients to and from the rehab area when I volunteer And yes I think the experience will help with getting into my program. I am supposed to be starting next fall. I wish you the best of luck! And I have yet to meet a person in the rehab areas that I have shadowed that do not love their jobs so I think it is a great field to go into:-)
  12. by   misswillow
    That's a good idea about shadowing in different settings - I actually have a friend of a friend who is a school OT, so I can definitely spend some time with her. I've also seriously considered PTA, and have been having a hard time trying to decide between OTA and PTA, but I'm thinking that OT may be a little bit less physically demanding as I get older (I'm already in my late 30s). Also, there is an OTA to OT bridge program in my area, and from what I've heard, there is really no way to bridge from PTA to PT (plus PT requires a doctorate now, OT is still a masters). Although I'm not sure that I would want to go further with school, it would be nice to have the option. But, I have to admit, I'm still torn between the two because PT just seems so interesting to me. Hopefully working with OTAs and PTAs will help me to make a final decision. It does seem like people are pretty happy in both professions, as you mentioned, so hopefully either way I won't go wrong. I just wish I had thought of all of this earlier....I hate waiting until next fall to get started!
  13. by   Mindy38
    That is great that your friend is a school OT you can observe there. I have a friend who is a COTA for a nursing home and watched her for a few hours and I loved what I saw. I am older than you just turned 40, yikes!!! But, not going to let age deter me. I had also thought about PTA and just emailed an advisor about the program near me, but there is also an extensive waiting list and as with my program at Cincinnati State, so I will stay with OTA and yes I have heard there is really no way to bridge from PTA to PT, as you can with OTA to OT. I think both professions are very interesting though I just feel I would be better suited in OT. And yes I wish I would have started my college journey about 4 years ago and then I would be done with atleast my OTA by now, but shoulda coulda will not get me anywhere so here I am. I am on the waiting list for my school and according to my advisor I can start fall of 2011, so I will graduate in 2013. So not too bad and it does go fast. I wish you the best of luck!!!
  14. by   misswillow
    Mindy, Happy 40th! (I'll be there quite soon myself) Just think, you have exciting new changes to start your 40s!!