Question about training at a new job.

  1. Found a nursing home that wants to hire me, but I have one small issue...

    They only train for 4 days before they turn you out on your own. As somebody who has never had a CNA job yet, this is a bit concerning, is it normal? I was told by many people to expect to be trained for over a week.

    What are your opinions? Have I just been mis-informed about what to expect or is this slightly unreasonable?
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  3. by   Sparrow91
    No you haven't, many new CNAs get a week to two weeks of training. I would explain your concerns with your new employer and ask for some extra orientation time.
  4. by   littlebear23
    I understand your worries. When I was a CNA I remember being so anxious and feeling like I wasn't ever going to get things right. The place I worked at, only trained us for 2 days and then that was it. They put me on the hardest floor, and gave us (there were only 2 CNA's per floor) the most showers because we had the most patients. The thing is, if you're working with a really good CNA, he/she will keep on training you after your 4 days are up. I remember the CNA that I worked with (God bless her), even said that 2 days was ridiculous and that she was going to help. After your 4 days, and you aren't up to par, don't be afraid to ask for some guidance. Don't sweat it! You're going to be alright
  5. by   thelittledoe
    I guess it depends on where your working and the difficulty and number of the patients you will be dealing with. How many hours of clinical training did you receive during your CNA course? We received 40 hours, which seemed to cover the basics. Of course in a new facility you are still going to need answers to questions after four days. What if there's something your preceptor forgot to tell you during those four days? I'm sure there will be people available to answer your questions. If you are uncomfortable after four days of training, kindly ask your DON or department head for more training days. If you explain that you aren't quite comfortable on your own yet, I'm sure they'll provide a few more days so you won't be their liability issue. Good luck!
  6. by   esand
    I had 2 days of clinicals, both days 8 hours. Most people are shocked by this, but I live in Ohio, where the qualifications for a CNA to challenge the state test are significantly less than others places, for some reason. (75 hours of educations time, 16 of those clinicals hours)

    I guess because of that I'm super nervous. I performed all of my skills during clinicals, but I just can't help but be nervous. I feel a bit better after reading your replies, though.
  7. by   Sparrow91
    Only 75 hours?! When I got my CNA (5 years ago) my state required that we have 90 class hours and 70 clinical hours making a total of 160! My sister who took the class after me had 180 because they up the requirements, and I want to say they have up the requirements since then! Its crazy how different it is from state to state.
  8. by   esand
    I know, right? I was shocked when I looked around and found out what others had to go through to become CNAs! I feel lucky, living in Ohio.