Pest Control?!

  1. Anyone ever had to deal with pest control at your facility? I don't mean swatting a few flies/killing a couple of spiders. Here's my little story; The owner of the AFH I work at has been so busy she has forgotten to pay the garbage bill and as a result the trash hasn't been picked up in three weeks. Now, the inside of the trash can and and all of the bags inside and piled around it are teeming with maggots. Is it my responsibility to handle the disposal of these disgusting things? I ask because both myself and my boss are horribly afraid of and grossed out by them and I really don't want to have to deal with them if I don't have to. Thanks!
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  3. by   Graduation2016
    Are you a CNA? Why would you be responsible for the trash outside? I get you would be for getting trash out of rooms but that sounds more like being in charge of the dumpster and that is so wrong. Huge health hazard! If the health dept happens to pay your place a surprise visit, that place for sure will be closed down until they can deal with all the pests. That is plain nasty
  4. by   Graduation2016
    Now if you're in management, then yes, it'll be your responsibility to fix that trash pick up bill and have them come ASAP and when they do also bring in an exterminator to deal with what's left in the dumpster.