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Pay rate for Charlotte, NC/South Carolina CNA's

  1. 0 Hello, I'm curently living PA as CNA and considering moving to Charlotte, NC/ South Carolina Area. I am just wondering how much do they start off with 4yrs exp, and where is the best place to work a hospital/ or nursing home. And some pay rates of diff. hospitals and nursing homes. Sorry I know it's kind of personal. Thanks
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    It varies from facility to facility. To ballpark it, most LTC CNAs around here who have experience like yours make around $10-11/hr. If you get your CNA II, you can make more (NC, I'm not sure about SC). In the hospital, you make about the same. And each manager will lie to you and say you would make more at the other. (It's true. Every interview I've ever had for a CNA at a hospital, the manager says you make more at an LTC, and vice versa.)
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    OK! Thank you so much! Does it depend by the years of exp?

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