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The most recent CNA meeting I attended at work dealt with the subject of our upcoming State Survey Inspection. I'm new to this LTC facility so I don't have a clue what to expect. This happens once... Read More

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    The ones with dementia are the ones that make me smile the most! They tend to appreciate what you're doing more than most.
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    Hmm, I didnt realize we were supposed to introduce ourselves to the residents and refer to them as Mr or MRS. I just knocked on the door and greeted the resident using their first name per usual. I dont think I introduced myself by name and I know I never referred to them by their last name in front of the inspectors, a couple of the more alert residents probably would have laughed at me and made a smart comment if I had done that. I did explain what I was going to do before doing it though, which I usually do anyway.

    I guess it is probably a good idea to do all that in front of them, but no one ever said anything to me about it afterwards, and I'm pretty sure we werent cited for it. Guess I better read the official report, there might be a lot of references to "CNA X" (IE me) and his lack of proper introductions for all I know.
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    ok i have a question. i'm not sure about something

    is it ok to put diapers in the residents garbage pail & remove after we're done with care. or

    after we've finished care take the diaper put it in our cart?
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    I'm not totally sure what you mean, but when you change someone you take the trash out because it leaves a urine odor in the room and state can tag for that.
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    That might be different by my course, we were told never to put briefs in the resident's trash can, instead, have a trash bag or cart with you.

    And never ever EVER call them diapers.
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    oh ok thanks Since we can't bring carts into the residents rooms i figured it would be an issue if i was opening/closing the door with my gloves on(contaminating the handle) just to dump towels or dirty clothes

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