Nursing Assistant's Prayer

  1. I was looking through one of my old class text books and came accross this and thought it would be cute to post.

    As I enter into my place of calling,
    I ask for strenght as I help those in needing.
    Hide my tears for the sick and aging,
    And let my smile be the hope they're seeking.
    Guide my hands as they do for them the
    things they cannot do,
    And we take for granted.
    Allow my eyes to see those things that make
    my stay with them a blessing.
    Provide the words i need to speak
    To let them know I love them so.
    As I do my work throughtout the day
    It is for my residents that i stay,
    And for my residents that I pray.
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  3. by   CoffeemateCNA
    That's a very nice prayer. I have one, too, and it goes something like this:

    May there be briefs and chux to last the week
    I don't want my residents' pants to leak
    if we run out, we'll be in a rut
    I'll be so mad I'll kick some butt

    I love my residents, but when they spit
    kick and scream and punch and hit
    it makes my job just kinda hard
    I hope for life I won't be scarred

    Coworkers are awesome, or so they say
    but mine don't make for a brighter day
    they gossip, swear, and act real lazy
    so sometimes I think that they're quite crazy

    All in all, my job is good
    my residents love me (or so they should)
    so when I leave there for the day
    I pray tomorrow's shift will be okay

    I should have been a poet instead of a CNA (right?).
  4. by   fuzzywuzzy
    You can totally tell what kind of day I had from reading this (hint: it was BAAAAD).

    my neck is stiff
    my back is strained
    my nerves are shot
    my feet are pained

    my bra is damp
    with cleavage sweat
    i stepped in pee
    my feet are wet

    I cannot wash
    as I've been taught
    when 2 washcloths
    are all I've got

    I'll just use one
    for peri-care
    the other cloth
    for everywhere

    and then I'll grab
    a pillowcase
    to wash the crud
    off of your face

    I see the clock
    It's getting late
    this is the part
    I really hate

    I'm thirsty
    and I need the john
    but there's no time
    I must press on

    a crazy family
    is on the bell
    they say their mother
    has a smell

    I dutifully
    go get the lift
    how many hours
    till end of shift?

    and then it's lunch
    they're serving fish
    could they have picked
    a grosser dish?

    it's last rounds now!
    time to commode
    a dose of MoM
    made all explode

    there are no cloths
    there are no chux
    scrubbing butts
    with TP sucks

    the end is near
    it's time to race
    the supervisor's
    on your case

    there are some things
    she wants to know
    like ambulations
    and I&Os

    if you had a chance
    you'd chart them now
    but time does simply
    not allow

    her interruptions
    set us back
    I hate it when
    she's on the attack

    though the day is done
    I still feel stressed
    this job is making
    me depressed

    but finally it's
    my off-weekend
    the weather's nice
    it's a godsend!

    they call and ask
    if I'll come to work
    it's overtime
    which is a perk

    I know I should
    but I resist
    do I look like
    a masochist?