New PCT Job Float Pool (need advice)

  1. Hello everyone,

    Im a new pct with no experience. I recently got hired at a very large hospital (float pool) I start my orentation Monday which will be 6 days long. Im very nervous. i just wanted to know if anyone could give me a heads up on that should I expect to do and see. i will be working 2nd shift. I was told that i would have to pass two written exams and a skills test before i get the chance to get on the floor..... I just have a few questions and i would be forever grateful if i could get some answers.

    1. what kind od material will be on the written test?

    2. is six days of orentation enough time for some one who floating and has no experience?

    3. What will a typical day be like for me?

    4. Are all or most of the units typically ran the same way?
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  3. by   ChristineN
    No one can tell you what will be on the written tests as each facility may have different requriements. That is a question that is best if you ask your educator or manager.

    Will you be floating throughout the whole hospital or just certain departments? Your responsibilities will vary depending on if you are floated to med-surg, ICU, etc. While on most med-surg floors techs are expected to take an assignment and do vitals, baths, I&O, etc, in ICU they tend to do more secretarial work and stocking. You will probably be floated some to be used as a 1:1 sitter for patients that are suicidal, confused, or otherwise need constant supervision.