New CNA (what attire and accessories should I buy?) - page 2

Hey everyone, I'm starting a new job (subacute), and I was wondering if there were anyone who knew if I should be buying new scrubs, stethoscope, and the like. Did your facility provide you with... Read More

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    If you can handle the anxiety of not having instant gratification Of buying new stuff with your new CNA job (I know I can't ;P) then check out they have the CUTEST CHEAPEST scrubs. I've bought the CUTEST print tops for like 6 bucks. And if you want solids they have every color under the sun.

    Also, I wouldn't recommend buying used scrubs. I mean, you don't know what kind of unholy, ahem, stuff have been on them. Unless, you know, you are planning to wash them in biohazard cleaner and bleach

    Have fun and God Bless
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    Salus uniforms are pretty affordable, and you can order your scrub sets online. I would stick to purchasing my uniforms, sneakers, writing utensils and a watch.

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