New CNA, first CNA job!

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    I am very excited to announce that I will be starting my first CNA job here shortly. It is at a LTC and on the NOC shift. Any advice for a new CNA? Also any advice for working the NOC?

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    Congratulations on your new job! Working night shift is where nearly everyone gets their start, and is a great place to learn about your new profession without the stress of administration being there during the day. As far as tips go here are 3.

    Learn your vital signs WNL values inside and out, and also what they mean. (Practice manual EVERYTHING)
    Start learning common diseases i.e. CHF
    Associate yourselves with the hard working people (even the ones that seemed burned out work hard too) there to build a good work ethic and reputation.
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    Hey congrats on your new job. I work night shift and I love it. It gives me plenty of time to study as long as my patients stay asleep.

    My advice don't let any of the veteran cna's try to discourage you or make you quit. If you love it stick with it.

    Also stay focused on your job and learn your patients it'll help keep you from running all over the place at night trying to figure out what they want.

    Lastly take your time. If you need help do not be afraid to ask. If the CNA you're working with wont help then ask another or ask the nurse supervisor everyone is there to help you.

    I wish you the best of luck
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    Congrats! I just got my CNA a month ago and still looking for a job... Did you have any experience prior to this? It seems as if everyone requires a minimum of one year and that I don't have yet... Should I still apply?
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    Yes, if no hospital or LTC will take you, then home health will. Work home health for 6 months then apply to a facility if you want.
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    Thanks nccna, that's a good idea.
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    Also if you do not feel like "working" you can intern at a local doctor's office or volunteer at your local hospital as a candy striper, once they see you are a CNA they will usually hire you fast.
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    Oh yeah that's also a great idea... I'm going to start looking into that today!
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    Thank you everyone! AshBrock1091, what I ended up doing was starting by contacting all the facilities LTC and hospital in the towns around me and just asked to speak to the DON at the different facilities. Out of the places I contacted which was about 17ish only two were hiring at this time one required more experience the other one did not require any experience. They said I will receive 100 hours of OTJ there before I am on my own since my lack of experience. My only pitfall is that I have a 30 minute commute but that is ok since before I was a CNA I was commuting about 45 minutes for my job. I would say keep pushing you will find a place that is hiring! I know my local hospital is on a hiring freeze at this time.
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