Neck pain from work

  1. I have been a CNA for 6 months now and I work in a long term care facility where it is mostly total care residents and a lot of physical labor. I have noticed the past few months I have had on and off neck pain. it usually is at the bottom of my skull on the right backside of my neck and either stays there or it can radiate down to my shoulder. It feels stiff sometimes and other times it feels sore like it just needs a massage and that will help it feel better. I remember the exact incident that started this. A resident was too far down on the bed and so I got up to the head of the bed as far as I could, grabbed the bed protector, and pulled double my weight sideways to the left to get this person up on the bed farther. It makes sense because by pulling left (I never pull the other way) it would have used the muscles on that side. I have only been working 1 day a week now but I think I keep reinjuring it because ill do the same thing. I try to be careful but I usually end up using that muscle doing something that night. I am also a student so I am stressed and I spend a lot of time looking down and being in uncomfortable positions. Is this a muscle strain? It will be bad for a few days, goes away, is almost non existent and then it comes back again.. Usually because of something I probably did physically. Any advice from other CNAs out there?
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  3. by   ruralnurse84
    I would go see a physician about that especially since it is recurring. I over used my wrist and ended up needing a brace because I strained the tendons and muscles.
  4. by   DidiRN
    We cannot offer medical advice according to our Terms of Service. Please seek medical advice.