My LPN dreams were shattered by 2 points !!!

  1. 0 Well, it's been long time since I last posted. I've still been working in home health and yes, I still don't like it...nothing's changed. I've recently prepared myself to enter my local community college by purchasing a $50.00 book( a study guide for the academic Teas V exam). You must take this exam prior to entering the LPN program according to my local college. Mind you, I am almost 43. It's been many years since I was taught how to simplify expressions, equations, english, reading, and science. However, I studied hard, I took the test, and scored a 93% A. Would you believe that did not get me in. To get in the LPN program at my community college, you have to score a 95% or better. Really?? What was really disappointing, was the fact that you have 3 chances per academic year to take it (via appointment)-BUT I wasn't told I had to do it w/in the 1st 3 months of the new year. So, I had only 1 shot do get a good grade. Another downside, is the fact that you have to pay $50.00 each time you take it - whether you passed it or not. My friend took it the 1st time and scored an 84%C; which is a passing grade, but chose to pay and retake it-in which she scored a 94%A...and they still didn't accept point away!!!! Anyway, I had an epiphany all over decided to give it a shot and try phlebotomy. Is there another CNA/phlebotomist out there??
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