My first day at CNA classes!!

  1. Hi!! I just finished my first day at CNA classes. I am so excited. I already have a test tommorrow. WOOHOO!!! I like it because we just hop right into it. I am really anxious and I have already read the first 6 chapters. Uh...can you say 'nerd'?!?! HAHAHA!! teacher said to go ahead and start applying for jobs today. Okay...great...but what do I say. 'I am currently in my CNA classes'. I mean I don't graduate until May 12th. Will people actually hire me and wait for a month?

    Hey...congrats to all who passed their CNA exams recently!! Hopefuly I will be there right with ya!!!!
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  3. by   sam027000
    Congrats on your decision to become a CNA!! I'd say go ahead and start applying for jobs. You could say that you are a CNA candidate currently enrolled at XYZ. Most places will want to do a background check, drug screen, etc so it may take some time to actually get you ready to start. By the time your finished with all of that stuff it may be a lot closer to your graduation date.

    Good Luck & Best Wishes!!
  4. by   couldntbhappier
    ooper3076 - I'm downright jealous! I don't get to start classes unti MONDAY! I'm so glad you are oober excited! Your giddiness is contagious as now I can't WAIT until I start!!! I'm really glad you had such a great first day! =)
  5. by   aerorunner80
    I agree with the people who said to start applying right away. I did the same and had a job if I wanted it, before I finished the class. Now it's been less than a week since I graduated and I may have another (better) job offer at a hospital I've been wanting to work at. It can't hurt to get your name out there. If you really want the job, I would wait a few weeks to see if they call you and if they don't, I would start calling them. That's waht I did and in two days I've had two interviews for the same position. Now I'm just waiting to hear if they want to hire me. I think I got it.
  6. by   ooper3076
    Good luck couldntbehappier!!! Its feels pretty good that I am actually on my way to have 'CNA' at the end of my name!! HAHA!! Thats a way to think about it. Lets see if I whistle a different tune when I start clinicals at 5:30 AM to 2:30 PM. HAHA!!! Thanks for the advice aerorunner. I think I will start tommorrow after classes.