My experience taking the Michigan CNA test at HFCC

  1. Hey all,
    I'm new here. I just took and passed my CNA test at Henry Ford Community college last week and wanted to share my experience. When I was studying for my test, I looked and looked online for a detailed description of what to expect but couldn't really find anything that gave the specifics i was looking for. I wanted to post so that other people studying to take the test could read this and find comfort in knowing a little more of what to expect. I took my test in Michigan and HFCC like i said. It may be different from how other places test, but I'll just describe what it was like for me..

    First, they told me that prometric does not take personal checks. This is clear from the packet you get in the mail, but i hardly use checks and didn't realize they had specified that other checks be used instead of personal! They let me put it on my credit card though thankfully. But just read the packet to see what they accept in terms of payment, i think like travelers checks and money orders..

    They scheduled me back to back with other test takers. So when I got there, a girl had just taken and passed the clinical section. She was in the waiting room, about to take the knowledge part. After i finished my clinical part and went to go take the knowledge part, another girl was waiting to go take the clinical after me.

    The nurse walked me to a room while another woman, the model/actor, put on a gown and got into the bed. The nurse showed me that just one corner of the room is where I'd be doing my skills. She showed me around to tell me where all the materials were... linens in a metal cabinet, a sink out in the open in the very corner of the room, a portable, plastic toilet pushed against the wall, a large hamper for placing dirty linens, a bucket for placing wet linens (just so the "dirty" dry ones don't get wet too), a bedside cabinet with hair/nail and dental supplies (along with a few other things), a 3 fold divider to act as the curtain to give privacy, etc. She also told me to knock on the table to simulate knocking on the door. She read me directions and then turned over a piece of paper with my 3 skills. Each skill had a sentence or two giving specifics. She also told me i had 35 minutes to complete all three tasks... i wasn't actually aware of this while i took a nurse aide program and was studying, i thought you were given as much time as you need. Though i did talk to a girl who works as a CNA at a hospital. She took her test at Washtenaw community college, and she was given 3 hours to complete all three tasks, so maybe it depends on the testing location? But i just wanted to point that out. The nurse also was not able to tell me how much time i had left while doing the skills, so I'd recommend looking at the clock when you begin and timing it yourself. You don't want to run out of time and not complete everything. I asked questions during the test, but she could only answer some of them. Dont be afraid to ask though, they may be able to answer at least some. You are also able to go back and fix something, as long as you let the nurse know that you are going back to do something you forgot, and you do so before you say "I'm done" with that specific skill. When you say "i'm done", you move on to the next skill. After my first skill was completed, she let me know that I could just tell her that I would wash my hands as opposed to actually washing them. This may have just been because I washed my hands so many times during the first skill and she didn't want me to waste time actually having to wash them many more times. My three skills were hair/nail care, blood pressure and change of position. The directions on the sheet she gave me specified to only give nail care to one hand (either one), and to place the patient on their left side for change of position. Be sure to read the specifics closely, you can go back to read it at any time during the test to remind yourself. When i completed all three tests, i went out in the hallway. I waited about 10 minutes for the nurse to input the info in the computer which then scores it. She came out of the room, told me i passed, and then took me to a computer room where i had 1 hr 45 min to take the knowledge test. I took only about half the time (i went back and checked over it once and also had some computer problems haha), it's pretty straight forward and common sense. A few of the questions you'll be like, "well it could be a couple of the answer choices!" But even if you get those couple wrong, you'll most likely get the rest correct, so don't worry about it. Just think about what answer you think they're looking for. Once you submit it, youll find out if you passed. Then they print you out a copy of the sheet that says you passed, and you're free to go!

    That's about all I can think of.. I hope that's helpful at least a little bit to some people who will be taking their CNA test soon. I just wanted to give an idea of what it'd be like to help ease the stress. I'll try to check back here if anyone wants to make any comments or ask any specific questions
    Good luck everyone!
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  3. by   msmo
    This is great to know and will remove some of the pre-test nerves, lol. Thanks for posting it. I just got enrolled in a CNA class (yay!) that starts on April 18 so it won't be too long before I'm testing.
  4. by   ilovemath
    Good, I'm glad it helped some! Ah, good luck in your class! You'll learn lots and be taking the test in no time!
  5. by   student forever
    Great idea about timing myself! That will relieve some stress!! I thought about it and then didn't do it, but i will take your advice and do that. It sounds just as you describe, from my class. Thanks, ilovemath.
  6. by   chaurie
    Hi I'm taking my test June 8th Can you please tell me the steps for change of position and Hair & Nail Care please.