My CNA license expires very soon.

  1. I've decided to stay working at UPS for a little longer because the hours are convenient. However, I can't let my license expire. Do you think it will be hard to find a job as a CNA even though it's been so long since I got my license and I never worked as a Nursing assistant? I have like 4 months to find a job as a CNA to keep my license. Not sure if there are other ways to keep my license..
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  3. by   mvm2
    All you can do is do your best, and interview well. Be honest with your potential employer as to why you have had your licence but have not worked as a CNA yet, and that you know now is the time you want to start to be a CNA.
    I am not sure if there is any other way to keep your licence. I don't know if every state is different, but I believe MI requires you to work 8 hours consecutively within the 48 months that you have your licence, which really entails one days worth of work. I kind of chuckle about it really and ask why bother having someone work one day and say you are free to renew for another 2 years. Kind of strange to me.
    Good luck. Remember there are other places like home care as well that always are looking for great cnas and aides and my agency would have hired me on the spot if I did not say I wanted a few days to make sure it is what I wanted to do.
  4. by   NursexOx
    I know in my state CNAs are only required to work 8 hours to keep their license. Apply for jobs, and worst case scenario you may have to pay to retake the certification exam(that's what they do here in CT) A lot of skilled nursing facilities hire new grad CNAs. You can apply for a per diem position to get your 8 hours in. Good luck =)
  5. by   EduardoLugo
    Thanks all!! I will start applying everywhere after my two weeks vacation. I will try to do good at interviews.
  6. by   chas89
    Like others have said, LTC, assisted living, home healthcare & agencies are always hiring CNAs. I know in my state you're only require to work 8 hours out of 2 yrs. to renew and keep your certification active. You can easily get your 8 hrs. even if you do PRN work.
  7. by   EduardoLugo
    I live in MA. I did find out that I need to work 8 years out of 2 years to renew and keep my license. So I shouldn't let them know that I really need the job to keep my license? hah. I did e-mail some company that I need the job to keep my license active.
  8. by   1feistymama
    Ummm.....don't tell them you want the job to keep your license active. They know what's required to maintain a license and they will read this as "He doesn't want to work. He just wants to keep a license active that he has no intention of using." That also sends a message that you'll likely work the 8 hours required and bail. If they come to these conclusions, you'll never make it to an interview.

    Tell them that working for UPS is no longer satisfying all of your goals (it isn't since it won't keep your license active) and that you think working for them will give you what UPS can't (which it will).

    Should they interview you and ask you to elaborate, be prepared to talk about work aspects that can be found in their facility (patient interaction, knowing your actions benefit others, experience that may help you pursue a nursing career, the flexibility to work "off" shifts so you can attend school, etc).
  9. by   Bgood1
    I agree with you NursexOx. Its been 3 years since my certification has expired, but since I have 13 years experience and have spoken with the registrar to approve reinstating it if I test or take the course (maybe) depends on the agency, I start right up. @ Eduardo, look at nursing facilities oppose to Hospitals where you could discuss this issue and you may be able to have the opportunity to gain those hours and report it to the registry before your four months are up.
  10. by   mvm2
    I agree with 1feistymama about saying anything about your licence. When I said to be honest with your potental employer i meant to why you were working at UPS, because the hours were working for you. not that you are desprate for a job because of your licence. I will say too you mentioned you emailed a company. Was this an online application that you filled out? The best thing to do is go in person for an application. Dress nicely because they may ask you to fill it out there and you can have an interview right then. It might be a good idea to even call them, and and tell them you are intrested in picking up and filling out an applicaion. This will give them an opertunity to ask you to come in on a time that may be convenant for them to give you that interview. Good Luck
  11. by   kennyboo
    Does anyone knows any cna agencies hiring per diem in nyc