Math and Reading Tests for CNA Class

  1. I am hopefully starting a CNA program this coming Janurary but I first have to take required reading and math tests before I can be accepted into the program. I am testing in three weeks and I was told it would be simple reading and math for the tests. Just wondering if anyone else had to take these tests and what exactly simple math means (I am thinking basic addition, subtraction)?

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  3. by   reussir1
    I had to take a similar test for my CNA program. It was years ago but as far as i remember it was basic reading comprehension, simple addition/subtraction (with decimals) and some easy multiplication.
  4. by   yousoldtheworld
    It was ridiculously easy. If you can read on a basic level and do basic elementary school math, you will be just fine!
  5. by   JDZ344
    Mine was very elementary maths and reading, just enough to make sure we could read and write on a VERY basic level.
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  6. by   Antonia A
    math is my weakest strength its scares me so bad that i some times question myself about going to cna or lpn training...but at the same time thats were my heart please!
  7. by   Saysfaa
    Antonia A, many public libraries have a section with math books. The most helpful are the "Everything you need to know about...." kind rather than the textbooks. "Everything you need to know about...." is a series but I meant the type rather than that series specifically. They are especially helpful if you know you need help with a specific area (like fractions or percentages).

    Another way is to get an 8th grade math book (Rod and Staff is relatively cheap even new or you can find used ones on homeschools forums if your library doesn't have one you like) and take the chapter tests to see what to study. Or the "Life of Fred" series is a good way to learn for people who don't like text books.
  8. by   Antonia A
    Thanks so much i have to hurry my test is set for sometime in January :/